Owners and representatives of Ibiza Rocks, Amnesia Ibiza, Mambo Brothers, Cafe Del Mar; famous DJs - Sasha, Ida Engberg, BLOND:ISH share their thoughts on the summer season on the Ibiza.

Spain experienced one of the most severe lockdowns in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But since then it has seen one of the most rapid re-openings. Many shops are now open. Hairdressers too. Likewise most bars, albeit at 30 per cent capacity.
And on July 1, the Balearic islands is set to reopen its borders to international tourism, with Ryanair, Jet2 and easyJet once again gearing up to accommodate British clubbers who have being grounded for up to four months.
But what will ravers find when they eventually land in Ibiza? Will the island's legendary nightclubs, beach bars and outdoor venues really be open? And if so, what kinda tunes can we expect to be playing? There are so many questions.
We listen to answers from famous owners and representatives of clubs; DJs.

As it stands, we'll be running a new seven-day a week ‘Poolside Sessions’ schedule from July 1, in place of our big talent DJ bookings which we’ve had no choice but to cancel. Those July parties will now be driven by resident DJs and island special guests. In terms of what happens in August, we're delaying all decisions for now. We may be able to bring back some of the big headline talent, but at the moment we just don't know.AMNESIA IBIZA June 2020

As we stand, all of our May and June events are cancelled. The Amnesia programme for July, August and September remains the same until further notice. We've reprogrammed some of our October line-ups. And I've just finished booking the Amnesia Closing Party for October 10. The plan is to release news of the Closing Party and then move backwards as and when we know if we can open. We are hopeful that we'll be able to open the club sometime in August, but at the moment we're not 100% sure. It's difficult to specify exactly when we'll be able to open because the information regarding nightclubs is so vague.
I saw a report in the "Diario de Ibiza" recently that said every nightclub in Spain, including the Canary Islands, can open as of July 1, except in the Balearics. If this happens my fear for 2020 is that underground club culture will suffer as a result. If the credible acts don’t come to the island all we’re going to be left with is mainstream sounds in the disco bars. At Amnesia, we're currently striving to make sure this doesn't happen.

The lockdown here was quite tough at the beginning; we really didn't know how things were going to shape out. At the moment it's looking better than we thought and we now have many of our venues open in San Antonio with all the required safety measures in place.

Right now, we're still waiting for the last phase of the lockdown to finish. After that, hopefully the clubbers will be allowed back in. Until then there's no real point in opening, but we do have a very loose plan to re-open Café del Mar sometime during July.

I've been in Ibiza for the entirety of the lockdown, which in some respects has been pretty amazing. I'm glad we weren't in London or New York. In a lot of ways, I've grown accustomed to being at home. My family have seen more of me these last few months than they’ve seen of me in the last five years! On the other hand, there's always the worry of when I'm going to get back to work again and what the clubs will look like when I eventually do. I went into town a few days ago and there's a sense that normality is returning, even though people are wearing masks and the roads are very quiet for this time of year. A lot of my friends who work in the industry are eager to know when they can go back to work. While others are really quite paranoid about the island being flooded by tourists. Those who run restaurants and bars are really on their knees. They are desperate to get their businesses going again, even at 30% occupancy. They have realistic concerns that the economy might collapse. But ultimately the overriding feeling here is that the island has dodged a bullet.

Ibiza is opening up to tourists again in July and I hear the clubs will open soon after. I'm sure there will be parties but maybe not as much as before. I already did a very fun gig a couple of weeks back. A friend of ours has a legendary massive cave on his land where he does events. We were invited and I ended up playing for nine hours, only for around 15 people but I had the time of my life. I guess I really missed it. I have no longing for flying and I'm very happy here. I think I will just play in Ibiza this summer. For now there is no need for leaving this island really!BLOND:ISH June 2020

It was going to be a huge year for me. I had my own night, a brand new weekly residency, called Human Nature, at one of the biggest clubs on the island. And I still had all my usual bookings from previous seasons. So I had a full Ibiza season. A 20-week run starting in the beginning of May and ending in October, which meant moving out to the island for the entire summer. In terms of Ibiza, I guess we'll all have to see what happens in the next two weeks. In the meantime, if people haven’t had a chance yet, I think it's so important to get grounded. Find your passion and your purpose, couple them together and put all your energy into that. Right now I think it's the only way we're going to move forward, individually and collectively, in an efficient way.

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