• United Kingdom

Fabio (aka Fitzroy Heslop) was born in London, United Kingdom.

Fabio – legendary DJ with his fingers firmly on the pulse since the 1980s, Fabio, along with DJ partner Grooverider, has been at the forefront of dance music since the emergence of acid house.

Having been around for over 2 decades, Fabio has acquired legendary status for good reason. Starting his career as a Pirate Radio dj in the mid 80’s his style evolved with the various musical genres Dub, Rare Groove, Hip Hop, Disco to early House, Jungle and Drum’N’Bass. It’s a credit to him that after all these years he remains at the top of his game.

It all started by accident, a local business man by the name of Mendoza set up a pirate radio station in South London. Through Fabio’s good friend DJ Colin Dale, a well known Techno DJ, he accidently landed a spot on the station when Colin Dale moved to Kiss fm when it was first set up as a Pirate Station. The show soon became a success and he was offered a day time slot on Phase 1. This is where he first met Grooverider, who was also on Phase 1 at that time.

Fabio and Grooverider became good friends with local ticket agent ‘Dave’, who knew all the promoters’ before long they were headlining all the biggest parties that summer including Biology, Fantazia, Sunrise and Energy. These illegal parties were pulling in crowds of 20,000 + and cemented Fabio and Grooverider’s DJ’ing partnership. These parties were illegal, amazingly they drew vast crowds even without the use of mobile phones, flyers or the internet, it was all done by word of mouth! It was an adventure, as weekly they were being chased around fields by the police! Sadly though, after that summer the Government passed the Criminal Justice Bill which put an end to the Illegal Raves, acid house was forced into Nightclubs and club culture exploded.

In the mid 90’s Fabio and Grooverider were signed to London’s Kiss 100 Fm, their wed night “Drum and Bass show” won many radio awards and fast became one of Kiss’s biggest underground shows. Fabio and Grooverider made the move to BBC Radio 1 in late 1999 and were there until 2012. Being one of the longest running and most successful shows on the station.

Fabio pioneered his own genre of drum and bass ‘Liquid Funk’ through his radio show on BBC Radio 1 and club residency nights which inc his legendary weekly night swerve. His record label Creative Source has released over 50 12” singles and 4 albums since 1994 and was also the label that introduced Calibre among many other now seminal artists to our scene. Recent releases include Disco Dodo by Lynx one of the biggest selling tracks in 2008 and the newly released ‘Snake fist” by Serum and BladeRunner’.

Fabio and Grooverider are currently hosting a monthly radio show on Rinse.FM (UK).