Compass Vrubell


Compass Vrubell, RX-5 (aka Alexey Chernorot), Moscow, Russia.
Alexey Chernorot started his career in electronic music in 1993.
Member of Sergey Kuryohin’ POP-Mechanics band and composer of film soundtracks (Antikiller, Dead Daughters). Resident DJ of legendary clubs LSDance and Ptuch.
Released first russian house mixes (Usilok 1/2). Producer of cult radio show 23rd HOUR with Compass Vrubell on Megapolis FM 89.5 radio station. During the last 20 years, Compass has been playing actively in clubs and festival across Russia, Ukraine and Baltic countries. He also played many times in the UK, Germany, Austria and other European cities.
Compass released his first 12″ record on American label Schmer records in 1997.
BUDU KAK BUDDHA was one of the tracks in the official WARP records compilation, which came out in Russia on RMG Records (Russia). Later, with support from Solar X (ART-Tek records), he released his cassette album “Manzherok”. In 1999 the album “Pechki I Pochen” was released on udmurt label Izhitsa records.
Rhodesia’s remix of Compass track untitled became part of “Antikiller” film soundtrack. The same track was remixed by legendary British producer Muslimgauze. His experimental audio/video project Egofriend was presented at Migz and Tour De Trans festivals.
In December 2016 Nina Kravitz released her mix Fabric 91 on British label Fabric, featuring track “Like A Boogie” by RX-5, which is one of Alexey’s side-projects from the 90’s. Other artists presented on the compilation mix: Species Of Fishes, Bjarki, Panasonic, New Composers, Woody McBride, Claude Young и AFX.