Barry Jamieson

Barry Jamieson


Barry Jamieson is a name that not so many may be familiar with but would have surely inadvertently come across some of his work. He’s been on the music scene for over two decades, which has seen him working on remixes for Madonna, New Order, Depeche Mode, UNKLE and Seal, to which he was co-nominated for a Grammy. But his experience doesn’t just lie with mainstream artists, as he also worked on remixes for the likes of BT, Bedrock, and Breeder. But of recent, he has spent the last 8 years working alongside Sasha and Charlie May, recording and mixing, especially on the two ground breaking albums by Sasha; Involver and Involver 2. His work with Sasha has seen him working on remixes for The Doves, Damian Lazarus, Little Boots and Hybrid. Not to mention that he was co-owner of Fluid Recordings and one half of Evolution.

Now has come the moment where it seems Barry has harnessed all of his great experience and knowledge to focus on his new imprint, Circular Sound Recordings. Although CSR may seem for the time being to be an output of Barry’s own material, it has the vision and scope to introduce genre spanning music from an array of producers of a similar caliber as it focus’ on depth and quality.

Having only been launched at the end of 2010, CSR already has numerous releases to its name by Barry himself. The first release ‘Deckstomper’ sets the bench mark of the label, and it sure sets it high. With its pulsating bass giving it a funky groove, the track chugs along with a real open ambience to it, before it breaks into a stronger analog feel with big sounds.
Release number two, ‘The Sound’ has a more laid back pass to it with a real dark analog feel that falls into what can only be described as a real crazy breakdown. Before it drops back into the beat with this crazy arpeggiated synth.
Third release, ‘Lost In Brooklyn’ has a slightly deep, driving feel which seems to magically breath as it floats along, gently rising. This track is a serious piece of work, but doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, allowing the you to just drift with the groove. This track is great for building the atmosphere. Its ‘Naked 303 Mix’ is exactly what it says it is, oozing a very retro acid sound, this is enough to get anyone’s head exploding.

And Barry doesn’t seem to be easing up just yet as he released in the CSR newsletter that he has “been working on a track this past week that’s definitely got an emotional edge to it. It’s quite a melodic track so far. Lots of Jupiter 6 and MS20 analogue noodleness all over it, and a good bit of analogue distortion.”

With such great music coming from Barry, CSR looks set to take electronic music forward with experience and reputation.