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Why are we:
1. Sensationmusic Agency works around the world around the clock
2. Sensationmusic Agency quickly finds, analyzes, forms and provides content in the field of entertainment and music
3. Sensationmusic Agency provides free content to all users
4. Sensationmusic Agency uses the latest technology to access its content and user experience
5. Experience in entertainment and music for more than 12 years

We provide the latest and highest quality content.
Trust the best, stay with the professionals!

Sensationmusic Agency (SM Agency) is one of the world’s largest information broadcasters.
We are impartial and independent, and every day we collect and distribute unique world-class content that informs, educates and entertains thousands of people around the world. Entertainment and music content.
We work for a wide audience and don’t seek to go deep into the underground or conversely into commerce.
The main bias is to support and develop a dance culture.
For thousands, millions of people, it’s a daily source of energy and, like no other, unites people.
Our ideology is to bring energy and joy to people. Provide quality and fast content.
We don’t want to impose anything on anyone or educate anyone.
We want people to be happy.

Sensationmusic was founded in 2007 (Ukraine).
Mantra: Touch to Fashion Electronic Dance Music.
The Sensationmusic project was completely dedicated to electronic-dance music and culture. The global impact on the formation of Sensationmusic was made by:
– DJs: Sasha, Armin van Buuren, Tala 2XLC, Pete Tong, Deep Dish, Sander Kleinenberg, Sultan, Lemon8, Eddy Good, DJ Fonar
– EVE: Bananza, KaZantip, Dance Valley, Sensation White, Global Gathering, Creamfields
– Clubs: Pacha, Opium
– Radio: ID&T (NL), Dinamit-FM (RU), DI.FM (USA), Frisky (USA), Proton (USA), Pure-FM (USA), IbizaSonica (ES), Radio Record (RU), Radio-FG (FR), Sirius Area-XM (USA), Delta 90.3-FM (ARG), Slam-FM (NL), Radio-538 (NL), Rinse-FM (UK), Kiss-FM (UK)
In the process of using, fans and visitors of the Sensationmusic project simplified the name of the project on SM. During its existence, the project went through many events, both joyful and negative. Sensationmusic has grown and survived in the vast world market of the music and entertainment industry.
In 2020, a strategic decision was made to optimize the Sensationmusic project. Revised policy. And now, the Sensationmusic project is Sensationmusic Agency (SM Agency).
Now Sensationmusic Agency will provide a wide range of content and services on the Internet for users around the world. There will be not only a direction of electronic-dance culture, but also other musical directions and styles.
Content: news, music.
Services: communication, unlimited and free access to all content of Sensationmusic Agency.
For more information about Sensationmusic Agency, you can contact us: [email protected]