Icons of eternal electronic music

Not everyone gets to be Carl Cox, who thanks to the closing of Space and a brilliant, ballsy attitude, is genuinely bigger now than ever before. But plenty of house DJs/producers from the 90s are still cutting it now: the secret is never to lose your passion and never, ever take a gig at a retro event coupled with the phrase ‘back to 88/98’. It’s also about attitude, an ability to stay relevant through new music and occasionally let rip in a way that no-one else can. That’s true of everyone on this list, from Sasha and Derrick Carter to DJ Heather and arguably the biggest and baddest on this list, DJ Harvey. Check the full list below:
01. Heidi Lawden (USA)
02. DJ Harvey (USA)
03. Laurent Garnier (FR)
04. Erick Morillo (USA)
05. Harry “Choo Choo” Romero (USA)
06. DJ Paulette (UK)
07. King Britt (USA)
08. Carl Craig (USA)
09. Maurice Fulton (USA)
10. Larry Heard (USA)
11. DJ Heather (USA)
12. DJ Koze (DE)
13. Sasha (UK)
14. Derrick Carter (USA)
15. Colleen Murphy (USA)

In preparing the news, material Mixmag was used.