Paris Hilton plans to release a new album


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Paris Hilton plans to release a new album 031117

Paris Hilton plans to release a new album

Paris Hilton plans to release a "deep house, techno-POP" album. Can someone let us know what techno-POP is?

Professional party girl and heiress Paris Hilton began her DJ career several years ago and very quickly blasted to the top of the "highest paid" list, reportedly earning up to $1 million per gig.

With her fifth year of an Amnesia Ibiza residency now behind her and still (somehow) the highest paid female DJ in the world, she was the focus of a recent new piece with TIME, which attempted to give onlookers insight into her world as a performing DJ.

The piece is chalk full of strange details - including that she tricked her billionaire father as a young teen and snuck away on the family's private jet to Ibiza and met the owner of Amnesia that same night - and updates about her musical career. Apparently, she's working on her second full-length album (yes, which will follow up her sickly-sweet bubblegum pop tune "Stars Are Blind") which she describes as "deep house, techno-POP and electro-POP".

Of course, the feature ends with a moment of sympathy for the billionaire DJ, who mentions that she isn't a brat, offering proof that she isn't by saying that she "would even DJ for free". (But she doesn't.)

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